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Connecticut Liposuction

... in-office: arms, neck, knees, thighs, tummy, “saddle bag” area of thighs, inner thighs, bra rolls Operating room liposuction Some patients who have more significant amounts of excess fat are better ...

Lower Body Lift

... and outer sides, we move to the front to address your tummy, hips and waist. We tighten and reposition the tissue as we go. We may combine a lower body lift with a tummy tuck, or with an inner thigh lift. ...


...  Back and chest Waist and abdomen Thighs, hips and buttocks Ankles, calves and inner knees Liposuction can improve body contours and proportion, and help enhance self-image. It targets stubborn ...

Thigh Lift

... of your thighs, where they rub together Medial and Lateral Thigh Lifts There are two types of thigh lifts: medial (inner) and lateral (outer):   For an inner thigh lift, we make the incision, or ...


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