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Dermabrasion & Dermaplaning

Reduce Wrinkles and Acne Scars with a Trusted Connecticut-Based Cosmetic Surgeon Dermabrasion and dermaplaning procedures at our three Connecticut locations can help smooth fine wrinkles in your skin ...

Pedicle Flap Breast Reconstruction

An Option After Mastectomy Pedicle flap breast reconstruction is one of several options we offer at our Connecticut hospitals located in New Haven, Shelton, and Norwalk. The pedicled procedure uses skin ...

<span class="highlight">skin</span> Cancer Treatment

Skin cancer treatment is offered in our Connecticut offices, and is performed with the utmost care and compassion for not only the patient's health, but for his or her appearance as well. Dr. Reilly ha ...

Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Procedures

We offer an array of cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures with special interest in breast reconstruction, migraine surgery, skin cancer surgery, and body contouring. Dr. Reilly is dedicated ...

Gynecomastia - Male Breast Reduction

... of any age who are healthy and emotionally stable are considered good candidates for male breast reduction surgery. The best candidates are those who have firm, elastic skin that will reshape to the body’s ...

Breast Augmentation

...  involves small incisions, either: Under the breast Around the areola (the darker skin surrounding the nipple) In the armpit, or In the navel If the incision is in the armpit or navel, w ...


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