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We offer Brazilian butt lift procedures in our three conveniently located Connecticut offices, easily reachable from the greater New Haven area and beyond. The results of this procedure are commonly achieved through fat grafting, a process that borrows fat from somewhere else in the body where there is “extra” and placing it in an area that - in the patient’s point of view - is deficient or lacking. Surgeons who understand the procedure as Dr. Reilly does know it’s more than just making a body area larger in size. As with many cosmetic surgical procedures it takes an understanding on how the different areas of the buttocks and low back relate to one another.

Consider the following: How do you think the buttock would appear if the area of the lower back at the belt line was made flatter by liposuction? Would the buttock appear fuller by reducing the areas above? The correct answer is yes.

This is something Dr. Reilly will often do to increase the appearance of fullness of the buttock without even yet having actually increased its volume! The buttock areas that are lacking in fullness are then treated by placing your own fat into the muscle and existing fat layers of the buttocks until there is a noticeable and dramatic increase in the roundness and fullness of the buttocks.

Another way of increasing the volume of the buttocks is with implants. This is a much less effective way of achieving fullness with low risk since long term complications can be significant.

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