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Carpal tunnel treatment is a specialty at our practice, performed in three convenient Connecticut locations, each easily accesable from the greater New Haven area. Do you find that your fingers become numb and maybe painful while you sleep? Do you wake from sleep with these symptoms and find you’re shaking your hand frantically or placing it in warm water to relieve the symptoms? Do you have trouble holding small objects in your fingertips or closing zippers and shirt buttons?

You may have carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel syndrome refers to compression or squeezing of a nerve where it passes along with other anatomy “inside” the wrist. Think of the wrist as a box through which pass tendons of the forearm muscles that help move the fingers. Also passing through this “box” is a nerve called the median nerve.

Think of it as one long nerve that travels from the spine to some of the finger tips (thumb, index or pointing, long or middle as well as half the ring finger).  When there is pressure inside this “box” the tendons don’t seem to mind but the nerve does. It doesn’t function well when being squeezed. In addition to allowing the finger tips to “feel” it also keeps some of the muscles found at the bottom of the thumb functioning and healthy.

Patients with long standing carpal tunnel syndrome might notice weakness of the thumb as well as a flattening of the muscle on the “meaty” part of the thumb when looking on the palm side. As well, patients might notice that the “pins and needles” that would come on occasion (commonly when driving) are now there all the time.

If you have any of symptoms mentioned above or any weakness in the arms, hands or fingers please contact our office. Dr. Reilly has a strong interest in peripheral nerve surgery and would be happy to examine you and answer any questions you may have.


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