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Fat grafting to the face:

Fat grafting to the face continues to replace soft tissue fillers, such as Juvederm and Restylane, for facial volume restoration. These products are very effective in restoring or creating fullness in areas of the face that lack a youthful appearance but they are, unfortunately, only temporary and not permanent like your own fat! Fat grafting to the face is an in-office procedure where the fat needed is painlessly removed from another area of the body and injected comfortably through a small blunt tube that produces less swelling and bruising. The small cut placed in the skin is similar in width to the tip of a ball point pen! Topical and local anesthesia is all that is needed for a pleasant experience. The fat that heals creates volume that is permanent!

Areas of the face commonly treated with your own fat:

  • Temples   The human eye prefers to see contours that are continuous and unbroken. We know that's why the saddlebag area of the thighs is often concerning and frustrating since it breaks up a smooth natural continuous outline. Similarly in the face, an irregularity or break in the oval or round shape is distracting. The temples become more hollow over time “breaking” that smooth continuous outline. Restoring volume loss brings you much closer to a more youthful appearance.
  • Cheekbones   Loss of cheekbones, or more preciously loss of the fat that overlies the cheekbones, is a hallmark of aging. Replacement of this loss with your own fat restores a more youthful appearance. All women know the purpose of cosmetics on the check is to give the illusion of full cheekbones by creating a subtle shadow beneath them.  Your transferred fat will give you an actual full cheekbone area to create more of a real shadow!
  • Lips   A common source of dissatisfaction for patients is loss of volume in the lips, a lack of vertical height of the red part of the lip and lack of a well defined lip border where the red part of the lip meets the skin. Some women have never had balanced, proportionate, appropriately sized and shaped lips, and using your own fat can be a permanent way to achieve this.  Our office has seen many patients who have been treated elsewhere and have had an unpleasant experience with lip treatments. Over- filled lips are a sign of surgeon inexperience or more commonly having an “injector” who is not an experienced Plastic Surgeon perform the treatment. Dr. Reilly performs all of his office treatments as he feels you deserve the best outcomes possible and he does not rely on anyone with less expertise. The goal of fat grafting to the lips is to make pleasant changes that are subtle but noticeable in the lips lovely appearance…. and never over fill! 
  • Nasolabial folds   Another area of treatment includes the deep lines on the side of the nose and mouth known as the nasolabial folds which deepen with age and can be reversed by filling with your own fat. It takes just minutes to inject comfortably, as the fat can be mixed with a numbing solution as well as a topical numbing agent. 
  • Chin hollows   These are the areas of depression seen below the corner of the mouth that cause a dark shadow to appear. As well, when the corner of the mouth drops it gives an unhappy facial appearance.  Lifting the corner of the mouth just a few millimeters makes a visible improvement. Try it in the mirror!
  • Eyebrows/forehead   Believe it or not fat grafting to these areas is another way of making the face more pleasant and youthful in appearance. If you look at pictures of children and young adults you will notice that the eyebrow is “full” and not flat against the skull. Dig out some of your old photos!

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