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Labiaplasty (Labioplasty) or Labia Minora Reduction is a surgical procedure that reduces and/or reshapes the labia minora – the skin surrounding the vaginal opening - and is frequently performed at our Connecticut office locations. In most women, the labia minora are seen only when the legs are separated. However in some women, large labia minora are visible when the legs are not apart, or are barely separated, causing embarrassment, self-consciousness, and distancing in relationships. Enlarged labia may also be noticeable in tight fitting pants, and can cause discomfort during intercourse, with clothes, or with exercise. Enlarged labia are usually congenital but may be increased from hormonal changes or childbirth.

How Does the Surgery Work?

Labia Minora reduction (Labiaplasty) is a procedure to correct enlarged Labia Minora. Various techniques are available for treating prominent labia minora. One approach utilized by many gynecologists and plastic surgeons is a simple removal of leading edge of the labia (the excess tissue that projects beyond the level of the labia majora), thereby shortening and reducing it. The edge is then repaired. This is the least complicated technique but also the least aesthetically pleasing. It does not tighten the remaining labia and leaves a long, flat scar along the top of the labia. This scar can remain irritated and sensitive for a long time. Some practitioners advertise for “laser labiaplasty”. This use of a laser adds no benefit to the procedure and is essentially a marketing tool.

What is the “V” Wedge Technique?

There is a more sophisticated technique of labia minora reduction (labioplasty) which preserves the contour, color, and anatomy of the labia minora edge. The excess labia is excised in a “V” manner and the upper and lower edges are sutured together. Therefore, the only suture line visible on the edge is a small transverse line instead of a long longitudinal vertical suture line. This significantly decreases the discomfort and visibility of the procedure.

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