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Breast Reduction Post-Operative Instructions

Please call the office during business hours if you do not have a follow up visit scheduled for the week after your surgery.

  1. After arriving home, rest comfortably for the next 24 hours but be sure to walk about the house at least a few times that evening and every day. You may sleep in any position you feel comfortable. Keep activities to a minimum during the first few days and avoid anything that might significantly raise your blood pressure.
  2. If you experience pain, please take your prescribed pain medication as directed, following label and package instructions. Extra strength Tylenol (Acetaminophen) may be taken in place of your prescription unless you have been told by your medical doctor not to take acetaminophen. Prescription pain medications will likely cause constipation, so consider taking an over-the-counter stool softener as well.
  3. Call your doctor’s office immediately at 203-924-2900 if you experience any of the following symptoms: Temperature above 101.5°F(oral), shaking and chills, severe unrelieved pain or the sudden onset of significant swelling of one or both breasts.
  4. Drink plenty of fluids. It is easy to become dehydrated after surgery. Dehydration may cause nausea and dizziness.
  5. The breasts are covered with gauze and supported with a bra. Two plastic tubes with collection chambers exit the side of the breast incisions and are attached to the bra with safety pins. Follow the instructions given to you prior to discharge from the hospital in regards to emptying the collection chambers.  The drains will be removed on the first postoperative office visit.
  6. Please do not remove the gauze or the bra. Keep the surgical site dry.  You may add gauze if necessary for excess drainage but do not change the dressings.  You may take a “sponge bath”, but avoid getting the gauze or bra wet.

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